Thursday, January 17, 2008

Recipes For Busy Bees


1) Steamed Chicken

- Add some salt and sesame oil to marinate the chicken pieces.

-Steam for 15 minutes or on top of the rice in the rice cooker

2) Chicken Rice

-Cook rice but use less water than usual,

-add a few slices of ginger, some salt and chicken granules in the rice

-Marinate chicken pieces with oyster sauce or abalone sauce or soy sauce

-Soak some mushrooms and cut some chinese sausages.

- When the rice begins to dry, add the seasoned chicken, the mushroom (discard the water) and chinese sausages

3) Essence of Chicken

-Simmer chicken pieces in just enough water to cover the chicken with a few slices of dong quai and a bit of kei chi

-After 30 minutes, add Brand's essence of chicken and serve immediately.

4) Soy Sauce Chicken

- Marinate chicken with salt, sugar, dark soy sauce and a bit of 5 spice powder in a pot

-Add some whole garlic (peeled or unpeeled)

-Heat the pot and add water gradually.

Simmer until chicken is cooked.

5) Chicken Stew

-Marinate chicken with soy sauce and some dark soy sauce

-Heat some oil in a wok then saute some chopped garlic until fragrant but before it browns

-Add some flour to the oil and stir.

-Add chicken and some cut potatoes and cut bombay onions

-Stir and add water gradually to prevent the flour sticking to the wok

-Add enough water to cover all the chicken and potatoes, bring to boil

-Cover and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring constantly (every 3 mins)

6) Suggested Chicken Soup

a) ABC ( Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes)

b) 6 Herbs (Lotus seed, lily bulb, huai san. tiam sit, almonds, yuk chuk) + dried longan

c) Korean Ginseng or American Ginseng

d) Dong Quai, dong sam, pak kei, kei chi

e) Lotus Roots

f) Water Cress (Sai Yeong Choi)

g) Cabbage

h) Black beans

i) Red beans and green peas

j) Sea horse, sea dragon , sheng di, tufu

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