Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Cooking Suggestions.

Oven Dishes.
You can bake chicken, fish or pork. Try various types of marinating, just like for steaming. You can use oyster sauce, salt and sugar, sesame oil and pepper; or use chinese herbs (soak it in a little hot water before adding to the chicken, add salt for taste. The only difference is the cooking time. For baking, you need 40 minutes instead of 15 minutes for chicken. If it is boneless, 20-30mins is sufficient. You can also buy pre-marinated chicken or pork or beef from the supermarket. Or get the ready-made pizza or shepherd's pie and bake it in the oven. Its still very much cheaper than eating out.
Stir-fry Chicken Meat.
You can stir-fry with shitake mushroom, fresh button mushroom or whatever mushroom available. As usual, marinate the chicken pieces (bite size) with soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and corn flour. Fry some ginger then add the chicken followed by the mushroom then add some water to make the gravy. Add a litte bit of oyster sauce, black sauce and salt. Instead of mushroom, you can use potatoes but the potatoes need to be pre-cooked by steaming or boiling or deep-fried. If you use onions and tomatoes also but its nicer to add some sugar, lime juice or vinegar. The gravy will usually thicken by itself because of the corn flour used during marinating.
One Dish Meals
Fried Noodles
Boil some water and pour it over some instant noodles.Fry some scrambled eggs, dish out first. Add some oil, fry chopped garlic, marinated chicken meat, bean sprouts (or shredded cabbage or shredded carrot) some choy sam. Drain the noodles and add to the ingredients (turn to low heat) Add oyster sauce, black sauce, soy sauce and mix well. Add the eggs and mix. Turn off the heat.
You can fry rice the same way.
For beehoon soup, add water to the cooked ingredients, add seasoning then add presoaked bee-hoon. (no need to soak in hot water- use cold water) No need bean sprouts or carrot. Add mushroom instead.
Chicken or Pork Porridge
Use 8 ups of water for every cup of rice. Add some salt, chicken stock in the water. when the water is boiling, add the marinated chicken meat cut in cubes. Nicer to eat with garlic oil or sesame oil + pepper. For garlic oil heat oil in microwave oven on high for 3 minutes. Add chopped garlic and heat on high for another 2-3 mins depending on the amount. Always try 2 mins first, if not brown then heat again for 1 min each time until golden brown.
Chicken rice
Cook rice like usual but reduce the amount of water (less half a cup) Add some salt, ginger slices and chicken stock in the water.When rice is about to dry, add the marinated chicken meat (and mushroom) Cover and let it cook until rice is ready. Don't turn off the rice cooker too soon. Give at least 15 minutes cooking time. Sitr well before serving.

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