Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sports Day 2009

Our school had the Annual Sports in the City Stadium on the 24th of April. Even though I had been helping to oversee the march past for the past few years, it was a bit different this year as I was asked to be in charge. You see, it's really different when you are named the person in charge. Somehow or other you are pushed to the front and the others who used to be involved, sort of backed off and disappeared! All the years I stepped in to help out not because I wanted to be in charge but it was because I noticed a lot of shortcomings and I just wanted to rectify it. Never mind if people think I'm a busybody. Never mind if people think I want to bodek. I myself know I don't need to bodek anybody here.

I am quite satisfied with the march past and closing ceremony although there are certain aspeks that I really think need a lot of improvement. Despite a genuine attempt by the athletes to march (this is the first time they try to march instead of strolling lifelessly) they couldn't do it properly because many of them haven't marched before in their lifes! I cannot blame the house captains; they did try to call for practice sessions and they did genuinely try to put up a good show. With proper planning next year and a bit more enthusiasm from the various teachers-in charge, I believe they can put up a good show. What we need is a change of mindset. The house athletes should have a positive attitude and fighting spirit as shown by the uniform bodies. Even though I'm the person in charge, I didn't want to involve myself in the panel of assessors to decide the winners. The simple reason is that I don't want to be accused of being biased to the St John Ambulance contingent. Anyway the St John Ambulance contingent were the clear cut winners. I was truly pleased with their performance. The band teacher advisors told me the St John's were a class above. Judging from the roar the spectators gave when they were in front of the grand stand, the students were also very impressed. The Girl Guides also did well. They were in time but their salutating was not uniform. They had some problems with their tempo too. Overall the uniformed bodies did very well.

The rain was a letdown. Thank goodness it didn't rain during the marchpast and closing ceremony. The timing was so nice. The sky was overcast during the march past and it only started to pour much later. I was worried we wouldn't be able to do the closing due to the rain. As we were discussing what to do when it was still pouring, we noticed the rain beginning to stop!

Besides the usual minor casualties, this year we had to call an ambulance for a casualty with a suspected dislocation at the pelvis area. The emergency operator responded very quickly and passed me to the Penang GH. The ambulance came very promptly. The doctor concurred with us that there might be a dislocation and sent the casualty for X ray. I was very pleased with my members who knew exactly what to do. Making the correct assessment of the injury, taking quick action to inform me to call ambulance, getting particulars from casualty, informing parents and teacher, accompanying the casualty to the hospital to register him. The Sports ended early despite interruptions due to the rain. The St John Ambulance members were overjoyed with their win, even though the prize was a trophy which we were allowed to keep for only a few minutes. The teacher in charge kept her eyes focussed on us to remind us to quickly return the trophy. But she did put on a smile which told us she didn't mind us taking photos with various poses with the coveted trophy!

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