Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awards and Recognition

Everyone loves to receive awards. No award is a small award. Each carries a special meaning...the recognition of effort put in. In this post I shall blow my own trumpet and boast about some of the awards I have received.

Excellence service awards:

This year I received the Excellence Service Award for the year 2008. The award comes with a certificate and cash award of RM1000. These awards were introduced in 1993. This is my third award, the last two in 2003 and 1998. The earlier awards came with a bonus of one month's salary. Nevertheless, the awards still carry a significant meaning even though the cash received is less.

St John Ambulance Service Award:

I received this Medal from the National Commander of St John Ambulance Malaysia a few years ago for my voluntary services for St John Ambulance.

Abdul Rahman Talib Award for Best BSc Graduate 1983

This award is named after a well known educationist is awarded to the best BSc graduate from USM each year. I received this award in 1983 from Sultan Azlan Shah. During that year I also received a Graduate Chemistry Medal from the Institut Kimia Malaysia for best performance in Chemistry 1983

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[¥]ou [₩]ill [₦]ever [₩]alk [Ѧ]lone said...

Congratulation ya...
Long time didn't see you update your Casey's Space
How are you recently?
Emm..go where travel in mid-year holiday?
Tomorrow ipta result release..^^