Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Life As A Teacher- Part 1 -before

To motivate and inspire my students to focus their efforts towards their education and career, I told them about my own experience and my career. Some of them were quite touched (so they said) and inspired. This is the first time I talked about it with the students. I don't know why. Maybe its because I feel closer with this batch of students or maybe its because this year we managed to finish the syllabus with a lot of time for revision. Using the practical periods for teaching was a bit more tiring as I had to teach 6 periods a day on Tuesdays. But the effort was worth it as we covered a lot of ground since we had 9 periods a week for theory. I hope they do well this year.its all up to them now.
When some ex-students heard about what I told the class, they were also curious and suggested I write in the blog. Actually its no big success story , neither is it an inspiring or touching story. What makes it meaningful is because its a person's true account.
When I was studying, I was not planning to be a teacher. In fact I wasn't even planning at all. Like most students, I didn't know what I wanted to be. I had no direction. That's why I keep telling them to have a direction..because I know most of them have none..just like me at their age. At that age our sight is only the immediate...we don't see far ahead. When I go for relief classes and try to talk to students about further education and career, most of them are not interested. The form 4 students are only concerned about the form 4 exam, they are not even interested in the SPM what more about what lies ahead after SPM! I don't blame them. At their age , I remember we were also like that. We didn't know it was important to get good grades. We didn't know and didn't bother to know what lies ahead when we finish school.
It is only after we finish school life that we find ourselves facing the harsh reality of the real world. In the next post I'll talk about how I ventured into the teaching career.......