Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm Back

Hi, I'm back. And I notice much less visits now that I seldom update my blog. Another thing I noticed is that people prefer to see photos rather than to read. After all, a picture says a thousand words. So, I'll dig out some old photos and recall the few times we were abroad. Take a look at the photos above. Guess where we went. France ?

Now take a look at the photos below.

I'm sure you can recognise the Stonehenge. But did you notice that we're wearing the same clothes? Hopping from Paris to England in a day? Possible, but we were actually "all over the world" in half a day. These photos are taken during a visit to "Window of the World" in Shenzhen, China.

More replicas below. Recognise them?

From the photos you can see that this place is worth a visit. Even though it's all fake, it gives a chance to see the places up close. After all, I don't think we can afford to visit all these places. With budget flights direct from KL to Shenzhen, this trip is definitely cheap and worthwhile. We don't have to follow tours, it would be more enjoyable to just move around Shenzhen on your own.

And if you plan to go and want to know more, just drop a message in the chatbox.

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