Saturday, March 22, 2008

Keeping In Touch

How time flies! It's already a month since my last post. There have been quite a few visits to my blog since I took a break. For those of you who want to see some photos, I'm afraid there won't be any this time. Ok, so what have I been doing this past month?
Besides the usual work, chores and some exercise, the most eventful thing that happened during this past month would be the 12th General Election. The results have been shocking, unbeleivable but not totally unexpected judging from the emails, sms's and vocal opinion we've been hearing prior to polling date. This Election was also a memorable one for me. Instead of just casting my vote s I usually do, this time I played quite an important role - ensuring a fair and transparent voting process (at least on my part I'm satisfied that the polling in my station was conducted fairly, transparent)
I was appointed as a presiding officer for one of the polling stations. The election process is fair and transparent, at least at our level. I don't know about other levels, but the results show that it has been fair. Earlier allegations of rigging are really uncalled for. Ok, enough of this boring stuff. More updates some other time.

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