Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shenzhen, China

Some of my friends quite liked the photos I took during my trip to Shenzhen in 2006. Besides the tourist attraction "Window of the World" there's another similar attraction nearby called "Splendid China"> Here you can see miniaturised versions of tourist attractions from all over China. Like "Window of the World" , the place is huge and you have plenty of walking to do. If you plan to visit these two places, allocate a day for each place so you can take your time and move around. The ticket to "Splendid China" includes a cultural performance in the evening. This is indeed a spectacular performance, not the usual cultural dance show. The props and special effects are simply awesome. These two places are easilyaccesible by MRT. The furthest destination costs only RMB5. Shopping in Shenzhen is also much cheaper than in Hongkong. So if you plan to make a visit to Shenzhen, you need at least 3 days.

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