Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Making decisions is part of life. From trivial decisions like deciding what to wear, what to eat, which channel to watch, which route to take to save time and petrol to major decisions which affect our lifes, we are given choices everyday and we have to make decisions. My colleague lamented to me of the decision he has to make. Why must they give me the choices? Now I'll have a hard time choosing, he said. People sometimes do not want choices because it's not easy to choose especially if the choice is going to have a great impact on you or your loved ones. But sometimes we feel lucky that we have choices to make rather than being forced to take up something without alternatives.
But whatever decisions we make, we must learn to look forward and not keep looking back and wondering whether we made the right choice. We will probably never know the outcome of the other choice. So it's not good to keep thinking what if I had made the other choice. We should instead make the best out of the choice that we have decided on and go ahead to make it work.

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