Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Retirement Age

Visitors to this blog would have probably given up checking for new postings. I don't blame them. The last post was 38 days ago! What a lousy blogger I am. I marvel at those who can sustain the momentum of updating daily or so often. Where do they find the time? The last time I tried to update during my free time at work, I had to exit without publishing anything because I had to attend to something that cropped up. Somehow there are other things to look for when I'm online at home that I usually forget I have a blog to update!
This post is about the option for the government servants to choose whether to extend the retirement age from 56 to 58. From the responses we hear, one thing is for sure. All the men I know of have indicated quickly their decision of extending to 58. The women, however, are still thinking and undecided. Some women have declared without hesitation their firm decision of not extending. In conclusion, most men will work until 58 and many women will stop at 56. Any of you know the reason? Do post your comments, especially the women, and let us know why women are reluctant to work till 58 but the men are so eager.
I remember when the announcement was made by the PM on 10th May 2008, my friend quickly sent the news to my phone, knowing I'll be delighted to hear the news. Soon the news spread quickly and it was inspiring to hear my colleagues telling me they heard the news and there're happy that I will still be with them after next year. Some of my subordinates actually expressed relief I'll still be manning the reins.They didn't even ask me if I'll extend or not. They just know I'll extend and they say they are happy we'll still be working together. I hope they mean what they say because it's good to know your service and work is being appreciated and people are actually happy you'll still be around. On the other hand, they could just be trying to be polite and said some nice things. I don't really know what's in their hearts but I choose to believe what I hear.

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