Thursday, January 8, 2009

Meeting up with ex-students

An ex-student invited us over for a buffet dinner at his place.
So I went with another teacher and some of my St John members, too.
It turned out to be his birthday party. Luckily we didn't go empty-handed.
We bought him a hamper with Chinese New Year stuff. Haha!
Since CNY is around the corner, I guess its OK to bring a hamper from all of us.
Dunno whether he'd prefer a birthday gift, instead.
Anyway it was nice meeting many ex-students there.
Some of them left school 10 years ago!
Having served in the school for 18 years
and being St John advisor for the last 17 years,
I guess there are lots and lots ex-students of mine.
Its good to meet them again.

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