Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's school holiday time now and yet I have not been updating. So it's actually not the work that's keeping us from updating our blogs. If you really want to do it, somehow you'll find the time to do it. So how has the holiday been so far? Many people I meet ask me whether I'm going anywhere for holiday and I told them I'll be holidaying at home. I don't think they see my point because most people usually think you have to go somewhere to holiday. For me, staying at home without having to think about work, without having to follow schedules and spending time with my loved ones is already holiday.

Anyway, after spending a fortune for a week's holiday in Australia during CNY this year, I don't think I should go overseas anymore this year. Better save up for next year's trip. Actually I wasn't staying at home all the time this holidays. I have made 2 trips to KL and there'll be one more trip at the end of the month. This is the time when the girls are having their semester breaks, so it's the time for the family to get together. With the girls away for studies for most of the year, the best time to spend the holidays would be to be home together. Anyway, they missed their favorite Penang food so it's time to enjoy it now. With more people eating it will be more worthwhile to cook more elaborate dishes. With only two of us eating, it is usually some simple food (and healthy of course).

On the way back from KL, we made a trip up Cameron Highlands. This is my first trip there. We were told the "new" road is less winding, so I decided to give it a try. The trip up is still winding so I can imagine how the "old" road is! Anyway, coming down wasn't that bad. Maybe I expected too much when I went up. The place is nice and the weather is cool. There isn't much to do there except visit farms and buying fruits and vegetables. Luckily I only booked a night's stay. A friend recommended the Restoran Tringkap. The food was cheap and good. The owners did not try to fleece the tourists. In fact the bill was half the amount I estimated. We went there the next day for steam-boat and the boss even suggest we order for three pax even though there were four of us. Luckily we folowed her advice, the four of us could hardly finish the food meant for three.

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