Thursday, August 20, 2009

Male Teachers.....a rare species

It is reported that out of 100 teachers in Malaysia, only 28 are males. In my school, I think the ratio is even less. Look at the photos I took during a trip to an organic farm with my colleagues. You can hardly find a male teacher in the photos! Why do men shun this profession?
I was quite amused at one TV commentaryon Astro AEC. While discussing the issue of declining ratio of male to female teachers, the newscaster mentioned that nowadays parents warn their children to study hard , otherwise they will end up being teachers! They used to say the children will end up being garbage truck workers! If that is the public's view of the teaching profession, no wonder the young men are frightened away!
After spending 32 years in the profession, I am puzzled as to why people make such a comparison. Looking back, I have no regrets joining this profession. Our pay may not be as high as those in the private sector, but in recent years much have being done to improve the promotional prospects of teachers. Teachers do not complain about their low pay anymore. We do not spend lavishly but our income does make our living comfortable.
How about the job? Other than the documents, reports and files we have to keep, I still find it a joy to teach. Especially when I have carried out a good lesson and I know the students have understood. Seeing them do well in the exam is a joy we can't compare with money. And when they get good places in the university and end up with good jobs, we are so happy for them. That's the joy of teaching. Garbage collectors? Maybe they were referring to the discipline problems and the workload of the teachers. And males? why do they keep away? I wonder.

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