Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Facebook or Blog?

Four months....I didn't realise that it was that long ago since my last post. Whoever reads this blog would have given up checking for updates. Since getting hooked on facebook, I have neglected my blog. But actually I cannot blame facebook. Before facebook, the updates were also not regular. Excuses, excuses. Maybe facebook does play a part for my absence. When we feel like writing something, we just write a short post on facebook. When we have photos to share, we put it up on facebook. In a way, facebook does replace our blog activities. What more with its addictive games, we spend more and more time on facebook..where to find time to blog? The guys who created and maintained facebook have really got us all hooked.
After seeing some of the photos I put up on facebook, someone suggested I write my story on my blog. The difference between a blog post and status updates in facebook is that we can write more details in the blog post. In facebook, all your friends read your status updates almost immediately, whereas the blogs may never get read. So the best way is to update then post the link on facebook. In the next few posts I shall write about my views on the teaching profession.

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[¥]ou [₩]ill [₦]ever [₩]alk [Ѧ]lone said...

Sir,you finally update your blog.
Share your story with us ya^^