Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peitian Ancient Hakka Village, Longyan

Located on the foot of Guanzhai Mountain of Longyan's Liancheng, West of Fujian Province, Peitian  is  a well-preserved ancient Hakka village. Peitian Village is surrounded by mountains and parted by a river.
Since the Ming and the Qing Dynasties, the village has served as a key interchange station connecting official roads to Changting and Liancheng. The history of the village could be dated back to the Southern Song Dynasty, some 800 years ago.

All around the village, the scenery is breathtaking. Each photo you take turns out to be a calendar poster. 

Consisting of over 30 beautiful houses with tall halls, 21 ancient ancestral temples, 6 studies, 2 ancient street-crossing honorific archways and one 1000-meter-long ancient street, the village possesses the distinct characteristic of Ming and Qing architectures. 

Peitian has 300 families of 1400 residents who share same surname Wu,  with 800 years tradition 

When we arrived at the village, it was almost dark. We had planned to stay at Wu's Courtyard House, an ancient house with rooms renovated to accommodate guests. Coincidentally, our driver was also a Hakka Mr Wu. He called the owner of the Courtyard House and managed to get us a discounted rate for the room., CNY70 only. 

For dinner, we had Salt Wine Chicken (Yam Chew Kei in Hakka) Spicy Brinjal and Bamboo shoots which Longyan is famous for. 

And for breakfast the next morning, we ordered porridge with peanuts, stir fried tofu and scrambled eggs.

And the whole bill came to just CNY150 including the room and the food. The driver got his room for free, too. And we didn't have to pay the entrance fee to the Village, which was CNY 50 per person.
After breakfast we went for a quick tour around the village. The driver reminded us not to go out of the Village entrance so as not to have to pay the entrance fee. 

See the square hole on the left? Find out what it is for in the next picture.

It is the private entrance for the dog!

Drying vegetables to make mei chai gan

After a short walk around the Village, we checked out and moved on to nearby Luofang to see the Yunlong Bridge.

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