Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A relaxing time at a Hakka Hotspring Resort

After a tired day of walking around Hakka tulous in Yongding, it was a relaxing break at the Capital of Hakka (International) Hot Spring Resort in Xiayang. (永定客都国际温泉度假村) Address: No.58, Xianghe Road, Xiayang Town, Yongding Tel: 0597-5209999 5208888  

Surprisingly the room rates were quite cheap. One is at CNY358 and another at CNY198(RM99) no taxes here, unlike in Xiamen. Both room rates comes with breakfast and free usage of the hot-spring facilities. The resort is still quite new. The hotel rooms are spacious, modern and of course very clean because it is almost brand new. The facilities at the hot-spring pools are also good. There is a large swimming pool, a tulou-shaped steam bath and  more than 60 hot-spring pools, all outdoors and of various shapes and sizes. 
The tulou-shaped building houses a steam-bath

There are so many small hot-spring pools to choose

There is a heart shaped one but we chose a covered one instead.

You can have some privacy if you prefer not to share with others. But we needn't have worried because there were hardly any other guests besides the two of us. However, during buffet breakfast the next day, we met a group of tourists from Penang! It's a small world. 
Lo Chu Pan (or Mouse Noodles) is the usual Hakka breakfast.

Those people in the background are from a tour group from Penang

In case you are wondering why there are two room rates, let me explain. Of course I booked the cheaper room. After checking in, I soon found out why the room is cheaper. These rooms are called VIP rooms! (What a joke!) The VIP rooms are located below the building of the hot spring block. To get to the rooms, you have to walk down a flight of stairs and walk to the next block. It is actually very near but if you have heavy luggage it will be a problem using the stairs. Luckily we only had light luggage. Once you get to the room, your annoyance of having to climb down 3 floors will disappear when you see the room.
Large spacious  hotel room
 The shower area is separated from the bedroom by frosted glass so whoever is on the bed can see the other person in the shower and vice versa. Obviously these rooms are couples only. Imagine sharing the room with your boss on a business trip! haha.

The shower area is partially visible from the bed.

Bathrooms are very clean, almost new.
  Tastefully decorated and squeaky clean, there are even mirrors on the ceiling for whatever purpose you can imagine.
Mirrors on the ceiling

There is a sauna in the room but it was closed for maintenance. I think they want to save electricity.


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