Monday, February 11, 2008

Blue skies and everything nice

The sun finally came out to greet us on our fourth day in Australia. We decided not to go for the Paradise Country Farm Tour as we've already seen that in Dreamworld. We headed for the beach at Surfers Paradise. The waves were simply great, nothing like what we've seen before in Malaysia. We had a fun time riding the waves under the bright clear blue skies along the white sandy beach. This is Gold Coast holiday la!

Later we went shopping in Harbour Town and Pacific Fair. You have to hunt for goods on offer as the prices will scare you after you do a mental conversion to ringgit. However, you can still find things worthwhile buying. especially Australian brands on offer. The blue skies came and disappeared again in the afternoon. This time the downpour was quite heavy. But we were all armed with umbrellas. We went back and cooked Tomyam seafood noodles again - the girls loved it- really cheap and good compared to eating out. Later at night, the rain stopped and we did more souvenir hunting again. We were supposed to leave Gold Coast for Brisbane the next day.

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