Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm back

The trip to Australia was an experience for all of us, this being our first trip to a non-Asian country. At first, it was rather strange being served by white men. The taxi driver who ferried us to our hotel was a white woman. The waiters, garbage collectors, cleaners, railway station attendants, salesgirls were all whites. Except for the movies, this is the first time we see whites toiling away in construction sites and other work places- unlike back home where they behave like bosses, except for the tourists and backpackers.

We went to Australia well-equipped with our sun-blocks with maximum SPF, anticipating lots of sun and blue skies as it is still summer there. A check with the weather forecast prompted me to bring umbrellas for each and everyone of us. True to the prediction, we were greeted with an overcast sky and later drizzles. The overcast sky however turned out to be a blessing as we found out later. Our second and third day at the theme parks were rainy days but the rain wasn't heavy and we could still enjoy our time there. Looking back it was actually better than having the sun scorching at you while you go for the rides. Moreover the drizzles were intermittent so we didn't miss any of the rides that we were brave enough to try.

We spent our first day exploring Surfers Paradise. For our first meals, we had fish and chips as well as bacon and eggs. Since we were famished and it's only $5, we ordered 4 sets. We could hardly finish our food because the fries were much more than our Malaysian portions and the piece of fish was also huge. Our lunch costs us 24.50 with drinks which is actually around RM75! We decided to shop for groceries to cook our dinner, as the apartment kitchen looks very clean and well equipped.

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