Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who is Casey?

Wondering who is Casey? Why the name Casey? Simple - Casey = K.C.

I came across the name Casey through the show Ben Casey-a medical drama series which ran on ABC from 1961 to 1966. ( In my place of work, I'm identified by the initials KC and some colleagues do call me that so when I needed a name for my blog- the name Casey's Space came to my mind.

Casey is actually an Irish surname but Casey is also used as a first name, by both males and females.
Casey Affleck American actor.
Casey Station
Casey, Australian Capital Territory, a planned suburb in the Canberra district of Gungahlin
City of Casey, Melbourne, a Local Government Area
Division of Casey, an electoral district in the Australian House of Representatives in Victoria
United States
Casey, Illinois, a city in Clark County
Casey County, Kentucky

"Casey", the Japanese name for Abra (Pokémon)
Casey Novak, assistant district attorney in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
"Casey", the main character of the 1888 poem "Casey at the Bat"
Casey MacDonald, a character from Life with Derek
Detective Casey, fictional character
Casey Junior, the locomotive in the film Dumbo.

Casey, Darren Hayes song from his third album This Delicate Thing We've Made

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kc said...

and i sometimes go by casey83!