Monday, February 11, 2008


Visitors to Gold Coast are usually spoilt for choice as to the places to visit. There are so many theme parks and attractions, it's hard to choose which ones are the best since we can't be visiting all of them. I think the Dreamworld is a must see. It has variety- you get exciting rides, interesting attractions, wild life , farm tour etc. If you only want to visit one theme park, this is probably the one to see. The tickets to the theme parks are usually AUD 66 (nearly RM200 per person) but can be bought at discounted prices at Centro Surfer's Paradise Shopping centre. We got ours for only 62, saving RM50 for 4 of us.

The park officially opens at 10am. We got there before 10 and found out that people were already enjjoying the rides in there. Transport to the theme parks is easy. Public buses ply the routes from surfers paradise right to the doorstep. Hotel receptions usually provide directions to get to the bus-stops, the bus schedules and the fare information.

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