Monday, February 11, 2008


If you like Disneyland, you'll love Movieworld. It has most of what Disneyland has to offer and more. Except for the simply awesome fireworks display of Disneyland which you don't get in Movieworld, the rides, shows,attractions and street parade are similar if not better than Disneyland. The Police Academy Stunt Show was hilarious complete with fires, explosions and crashes. The 4-D Shrek Show is a must see (and experience). Some of the rides were simply too much for us. We opted for milder ones like Road Runners and Scooby Do Spooky Roller coaster. The Scooby Do ride through the haunted castle was truly enjoyable. I particularly like the Wild West Falls ( the best part was the splash!) I got a chance to pose with "Marilyn Monroe". I thought the picture would be labeled the Beauty and the Beast but after viewing the picture I took with the slightly overweight and heavily made up fake Marilyn Monroe I don't think I look beastly after all! (haha)

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