Monday, February 11, 2008

It's definitely cheaper to cook your own dinner in Australia. We bought 6 drumsticks (they call them chicken lovely legs here! ) for 3 something, some potatoes, carrots and onion. We made chicken soup and added noodles (brought in all the way from Malaysia!) and we had an enjoyable meal which costs only a quater of the price we paid for our lunch. Actually we need not have brought the noodles- they can be bought here : 1 something for 5 packets. Talking about bringing in food to Australia, better be careful- they are quite paranoid and strict about what we bring in. The queue through immigartion wasn't that bad but the customs clearance was terrible. They took away the Milo 3-in1 we brought because the label indicated some milk in it. The long queue wasted much of our time so we decided not to go to Carrara markets after all.

Contrary to what we heard about shops closing at 5pm in Australia, there are actually shops and attractions open at night at Surfers Paradise. We visited an indoor attraction called Infinity. Quite expensive to enter- AUD23.50 per person but quite a nice experience, something different from what we've visited.

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