Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me- blogger?

The first time I came across the four letter word BLOG, I didn't know what it was. Later I found out that it was a means for people to share their thoughts with others on the internet. The idea didn't really appeal to me at all. I don't think I know how to blog (I still don't). Then why am I blogging here?

So far there have been 267 visits to this blog, some of these our own, some our friends and relatives, but I suppose quite a few from others.For those of you who happened to arrive here uninvited and are wondering what sort of blog this is, let me explain.This blog started in a quite ridiculous way! We wanted to buy Denise a pair of sports shoes. Since we thought it was cheaper in Malaysia, we looked around and shortlisted a few for her to choose. Her hostel internet connection is quite bad and she cannot receive these picture files so Daphne came up with the idea of creating a blog where we can post some pictures for her to see, (and rank in order of preference) After being introduced to blogging, I decided to post more pictures to the blog. Later I put the address in Denise's blog for her friends to visit, and also told Derick about the blog.

So actually, I'm not really a habitual blogger! And definitely not a creative one either. Those recipes are for Daphne- in case she runs out of ideas for preparing her meals-:) The Australian trip has burnt a big hole in the pocket so I guess there won't be new photos for new trips so soon. Maybe I'll dig some old pictures to refresh our memory of our previous trips. This one here is from our HK trip in 2006.

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